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Industry and Manufacturing


Industry and Manufacturing

Industrial Development And Transformation | Public-private Partnership | Production And Logistic Networks | Technology Transfer And Spillover | Sustainability

ERIA examines various parts of industry and manufacturing starting from small and medium enterprises to multinational corporations and from intra-industry to international inter-industry connection. By using case studies from various industries in many countries, the researchers analyse industrial development and transformation, public-private partnership, production and logistic networks, technology transfer and spillover, industry sustainability, and industry integrations.


28 November 2023
Viet Nam’s impressive economic growth has been driven by a socialist-oriented market economy often recognised as [...]
13 September 2023
Brunei Darussalam needs new drivers to diversify the economy due to its one-dimensional nature. At the same time, [...]
13 September 2023
Industrial agglomeration is an important component to create efficiency and externalities for industrial growth and competitiveness for the [...]
11 August 2023
The ASEAN–Japan relationship began in 1973 and gained significant momentum  in the late 1980s with a [...]
9 June 2023
Currently, major economies are competing on the technological and industrial development of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). This [...]
9 June 2023
This chapter examines the investment and foreign direct investment (FDI) policy of Singapore’s economy in terms [...]
2 February 2023
 The war between Russia and Ukraine since February 2022 has triggered renewed concerns about global economic decoupling. Although [...]
31 January 2023
The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and East Asia have made remarkable achievements in economic development. Whether [...]
21 October 2022
Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) member countries differ in terms of the level of development. To ensure the [...]
30 September 2022
This book combines the fundamentals of industrial organization theories based on microeconomic foundations, applied econometrics and environmental and [...]
22 June 2022
While the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) seems to be behind us now, the scarring effects on employment, poverty, and [...]
21 March 2022
This paper provides empirical evidence that supports the continuing importance of machinery international production networks (IPNs) in East [...]
23 February 2022
Malaysia has experienced premature deindustrialisation since the early 1990s. The decline in the relative contribution of manufacturing to [...]
25 January 2022
This paper provides an overview of the patterns and trends of foreign direct investment (FDI) and trade as [...]
30 December 2021
The book shares critical insights regarding policy choices and strategies for undertaking structural transformation in the manufacturing sector. [...]
20 December 2021
This study investigates empirically whether export pioneers and followers are different in terms of export market survival, utilising [...]
17 December 2021
The present study investigates the role of innovation on global market survival of Indian manufacturing firms. Specifically, the [...]
16 December 2021
By combining plant-level data from the Indonesian Manufacturing Survey and localised disaster data from the Emergency Events Database [...]
15 December 2021
Our paper investigates the spillover effects generated by foreign and domestic exporting firms on export decisions of local [...]
26 November 2021
Although global value chains (GVCs) are prone to the contagion of shocks through supply chains, machinery international production [...]
11 November 2021
The Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) is a unique cooperation initiative, bringing in scope for transnational cooperation between Partner countries, [...]
10 September 2021
COVID-19 has disrupted all aspects of our lives, including international trade. This paper investigates the effect of supply [...]
1 July 2021
The Summary of ERIA Research Projects 2020-2021 provides an overview of both new and ongoing projects that [...]
30 June 2021
Despite its impressive economic growth in the past few decades, India is slow in adopting a task-by-task international [...]
1 June 2021
This study investigates the role of digital infrastructure in shaping the global value chain (GVC) participation of Indian [...]
5 May 2021
This volume seeks to fill the void of scholarly research on electric vehicles (EVs) production and sales in [...]
21 April 2021
This paper examines the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on global production sharing in ASEAN Member States. Product-level [...]
29 March 2021
Abstract: This paper investigated the impacts of COVID-19 on international production networks in machinery sectors by shedding light [...]
18 February 2021
For developing countries, participation in global value chains (GVCs) provides an opportunity to expand domestic human capital. Since [...]
26 January 2021
Many different stakeholders have an important role to play to build back better for the ASEAN post-pandemic recovery, [...]
23 November 2020
Micro-, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) represent between 97% and 99% of firms and between 60% and 80% of total employment [...]
4 August 2020
Advanced machines and technology replace workers through automation. However, capital–labour substitution need not reduce aggregate labour [...]
16 July 2020
Foreign direct investment (FDI) and trade will continue to play an important role in the assimilation of the [...]
26 June 2020
Special economic zones (SEZs) are considered as one of important regional industrial policies to attract foreign investment in [...]
24 June 2020
We conducted a standard gravity exercise using worldwide disaggregated trade data to shed light on the influence of [...]
19 May 2020
Some Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Member States (AMS) are still fully engaged in emergency responses to [...]
27 April 2020
It is well-documented that agglomeration contributes to productivity growth. However, concentrations of workers could also lead to increasing [...]
6 March 2020
This paper reviews the tariff policies and their impact on the wages of workers in manufacturing during the [...]
5 March 2020
The Study on the Formation of the ASEAN Power Grid Generation and Transmission System Planning Institution, a research [...]

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