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ERIA Webinar Series on ASEAN MSMEs in a COVID-19 World Concludes

3 December 2020

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Jakarta, 3 December 2020:  ERIA hosted the 10th and final episode of the MSMEs Talks with a discussion on ‘Innovation eco-systems and the role of start-ups and MSMEs’ The webinar series is organized under ERIA Strategy and Partnership programme, funded by Australia. More than 130 participants attended the webinar.

Dr Giulia Ajmone Marsan, ERIA’s Director of Strategy and Partnership, opened the discussion by highlighting the importance of innovation eco-systems, new ideas, and ways of working for the post-pandemic recovery. She mentioned how innovation eco-systems are context specific, relying on collaborations across different stakeholders (business sector, policy makers, public sector, etc) and on combining different perspective to find new solutions to problems, including global challenges.

Five speakers shared their perspectives and views:

  • Mr Okka Phyo Maung, Co-founder and CMO of RecyGlo, Myanmar
  • Ms Nana Souannavong, Founder and Managing Director, TOHLAO Group, Laos
  • Dr Michele Chew, Science and Technology Division, ASEAN Secretariat
  • Mr Giulio Quaggiotto, Head of Strategic Innovation Unit, UNDP
  • Ms Sitara Syed, Deputy Resident Representative Viet Nam, UNDP

The main messages that emerged from the discussion were:

  • The unique and specific characteristics of innovation eco-systems: while lessons should be learned and shared across countries and regions, policy efforts need to be adapted to local context and conditions without ‘copy and paste’;
  • Skills, mind-sets for innovation, and systemic change are crucial and infrastructure investments cannot work alone without capable individuals;
  • The need for collaboration across different types of stakeholders to tackle grand challenges: the business sector (both large and smaller companies), policy makers, public sector organisations, citizens.

Mr Okka Phyo Maung and Ms Nana Souannavong described their businesses and the eco-system in which they operate as well as the different characteristics of the countries in which they work. Dr Michele Chew described innovation initiatives in different AMS and at regional level. Mr Giulio Quaggiotto and Ms Sitara Syed discussed the approach UNDP deploys to promote innovation and systemic change and mentioned some practical initiatives taking place in Viet Nam.

Dr Giulia Ajmone Marsan concluded the webinar series by acknowledging the more than 1300 participants during the 10 episodes as well as the 21 entrepreneurs from all 10 AMS, international organisations (including the ASEAN Secretariat) and ERIA colleagues who participates as speakers and ERIA’s Communication team for their continued support.

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